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Belton Regional Medical Center . . . bet you didn’t know how good it is!

Rink and Laura talk with Todd Krass, CEO of Belton Regional Medical Center. Todd tells the story behind the name change from Research Belton to Belton Regional Medical Center. It was actually a very complicated process! And a very important one for the community! Lots of terrific renovations and employee engagement. This is a story you’ll love!

Listen here! Belton Regional Medical Center with Rink and Laura on July 24, 2012.

We love Charlie Kunkel, a true hidden gem!

Rink showcases Charlie Kunkel, owner of C K Enterprises, as this week’s Hidden Gem. Charlie began his career in the chemical industry in 1966, and by 1982 he had started his own company, making industrial soap for automotive services, commercial dishwashers and more!

Listen here! Charlie Kunkel is a Hidden Gem on July 24, 2012.

C K Enterprises. They make good soap. Really!

Rink talks with Charlie Kunkel, founder of C K Enterprises, about how he started his company in 1981. C K Enterprises manufactures chemicals for automotive cleaning products, car wash equipment, contract manufacturing and packaging, as well as developing contract sanitation services for food processing and manufacturing industries. Charlie is a fascinating businessman with a great story. Charlie was ahead of the curve, starting his company because he knew what customers wanted and knew what employees needed . . . before anyone else figured it out. So good!

Listen here! C K Enterprises with Rink on July 17, 2012.

Matt Condon. Athlete, lawyer, entrepreneur.

Rink showcases founder, Matt Condon, of Athletic Rehabilitation Center. Matt has a fabulous story to tell! From college athletics to law school to founding his own company, Matt has pretty much done it all.

Listen here! Matt Condon is a Hidden Gem on July 17, 2012.

Athletic Rehabilitation Center: Creating the workplace of tomorrow

Rink and Laura chat with Matt Condon, CEO of Athletic Rehabilitation Center. Matt grew up in a small town and played college football at Iowa State. After that, he got his law degree. All an accomplishment, to be sure! But that was not the end of the story! On the show, Matt talks about a time after law school when he was living paycheck to paycheck, wondering whether he and his wife were actually going to be able to pay their bills on time. Out of adversity so often comes progress! Matt founded ARC in 2003 and by 2005 it had become a successful company, providing not only rehabilitation services, but also focusing on creating healthy workforces for corporate clients through improving workplace conditions, culture and environment. ARC is well-positioned in the cutting-edge industry of workplace satisfaction.

Listen here! Athletic Rehabilitation Center with Rink and Laura on July 10, 2012.

The power of kindness: Heartstrings Community Foundation

Rink recently vowed to quit smoking. Yay! He tells a very personal story about a newly-discovered Hidden Gem, Heartstrings Community Foundation. Quitting smoking is definitely difficult, but Nancy Crabtree and a few other people from Heartstrings Community Foundation’s Good Delivery service were selling snacks in Rink’s office building, and their cheerfulness–and the treat–helped him cut his craving for a cigarette. Anne Hull is the mastermind behind Heartstrings, an organization that gives children and adults with developmental disabilities an opportunity to work and interact in the community. Individuals that participate in HCF’s employment services are working in the community 95% of their days and are paid sales commissions. So inspiring!

Listen hereHeartstrings Community Foundation is a Hidden Gem on July 10, 2012.