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Hot Topics with Rink and Laura . . . talking about raising money . . . what’s hot and what’s not

Sometimes you just need something a little different than the typical ways to raise money for an organization. Rink and Laura discuss a few interesting . . . fun . . . new . . . clever . . .  and even a couple tacky ways to raise money!

Rink explains three very important lessons from the Lockton business model that he learned at a business dinner with some fascinating people. Here they are:   1. You don’t get paid unless you sell something. 2. Once you sell it, take care of it because it takes twice as much money to go get new than to keep what you got. 3. Give back to the community to which you live because without them you won’t succeed. Brilliant! Laura helps Rink see that simplicity might be best when setting goals. Also, the two hosts discuss ways to incorporate doing good in goal setting in personal life as well as in business.

Laura gives Rink five ways to drive revenue to a organization’s bottom line in 2013. Here are the hot tips for 2013:
1. Review what employees actually care about. Take inventory. See what you already have. 
2. Align the employee giving program to reflect what employees actually want. 
3. Figure out what the company giving program is going to look like and how to explain it. 
4. Engage customers and clients to celebrate all of that good, together. 
5. Use all of it to promote your brand! 

Listen here! Hot Topics with Rink and Laura on December 18, 2012.

Cause marketing and belt buckles? We are not kidding.

On this special program, Rink and Laura discuss the upcoming show lineup for 2013! Live with Rink and Laura is taking off! They discuss the awesome new website, Facebook and Twitter for Live with Rink and Laura. Listen to Laura give a few tips for teaching generosity during the holidays and hear Ryan share a very personal and heartfelt story about supporting a local Adopt-a-Family program. Be sure to catch the informative breakdown of 10 Ways to Do Good. And, of course, you’ll have to hear Ryan explain the story behind his belt buckle. It really is cause marketing!

Listen here! Hot Topics with Rink and Laura on December 11, 2012.