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Everyone wants a 401k plan, but implementing it is overwhelming!

Hello break room!  Marko discusses the Two West Advisors program called I Checked the Box. He has 10 easy steps to make a plan for a 401k. Starting with simply getting a plan! Listen here! Retire Ready with Marko on January 29, 2013. 


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Hey, you’re not so hidden! Two West Advisors is a Shiny Gem!

It’s true. They aren’t hidden any longer, but they are innovative. That’s for sure! It all began when two guys decided to take an underserved industry and changed their business model to really make a difference. They created Two West Advisors. After 28 months, they have built almost a million dollar revenue company, $330 million under advisement, and they continue to grow! Recently they have teamed up with Spencer Fane Britt & Browne to bring a propriety process to 401ks to take the risk out of the equation for employers. Listen here! Two West Advisors is a Hidden Gem on January 29, 2013.


Understanding the 401k ‘What IFS.’ Investments. Fees. Service. 

There is no greater gift than to help someone turn a life around . . . BBBSKC is helping to do that each day!

Truly remarkable! Big Brothers Big Sisters, nationally, has been around for more than 100 years and more than 50 years here at the Kansas City chapter. Plain and simple, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City takes a professional approach to creating friendships! All of the children in the program are from a one-parent family.

Now, here are a few things that Micheal Lawrence, CEO, discusses in depth. In Kansas City, 25% of kids in schools come from a one-parent family. That 25% accounts for 90% of juvenile court cases, 90% of high school dropouts and more than 60% of teen suicides. The goal of BBBSKC is to make a difference for those kids! There is no doubt about it. BBBS is seeing some of the best results possible! Of the 1,200 kids in the program today, fewer than 3% are involved in the juvenile courts system. Wow!


Micheal talks about the Impact Award that BBBSKC won and what it took to be a recipient of that award and what the criteria was to be recognized for Top Performing Board of Directors. Micheal and Rink then discuss some of the big events that are coming up for BBBSKC including the Chiefs Charity Game and the Legacy Invitational golf tournament. Both are wonderful events and help to raise money for the organization, but also to thank their supporters for the outstanding things that they do that makes the Kansas City chapter one of the best ones out there! Listen here! Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City on January 29, 2013.

Cretcher Heartland. Title sponsor, and good company, all the way around.

Hello again Mr. Steve Nicholson and Mr. Chandler Cullor! Steve is the CEO, and Chandler is the president, of a great company called Cretcher Heartland. Steve and Chandler joined Rink and Laura in the studio to discuss the past year and some pretty exciting current events as well!

It is no surprise here that Cretcher Heartland was one of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s top 10 small businesses in 2012. We all know there is tough competition out there! Rink and Laura have a great time catching up and listening to what the hot buzz is around new things in the insurance world- from healthcare reform to construction. They cover it all! These two guys are great . . . they are even the title sponsor for Live with Rink and Laura. Listen here! Cretcher Heartland on January 15, 2013.

 Steve and Chandler of Cretcher Heartland!

We had a couple of really great guests!

A step outside of “hidden” for today’s Hidden Gem . . . the Tulsan of the Year!

Well, we went a little outside of Kansas City, but it was too hard to not recognize Phil Lakin Jr. of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa People magazine named Phil Lakin as the Tulsan of the Year. Phil is the CEO of the Tulsa Community Foundation, the largest community foundation in the country! Is there anything this guy can’t do? Tulsa is his first love, and he has helped trademark Tulsa’s reputation as the most generous city. Not to mention, he is married with three boys all under the age of 14 and he has climbed all 50 of the 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado. Only 1,434 people have ever climbed all of them and Phil is one of them.

What is Phil’s attitude to live by? “There is no limit to what a man can accomplish if he doesn’t care who gets the credit.” Listen here! Phil Lakin is a Hidden Gem on January 15, 2013.

Tisk, tisk . . . you’ve got risk! Spencer Fane and Two West Advisors

Hello, Greg Ash of Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP and Marko Ungashick of Two West Advisors! Rink and Laura start off 2013 by visiting with Greg and Marko! Good thoughts. Good people. Good companies. That’s what it’s all about.

Greg Ash helps the listeners learn what distinguishes Spencer Fane from other law firms in Kansas City. It is great to hear Greg and Marko breakdown the mystery behind 401k benchmarking, retirement plans and help to explain those sneaky  fees. Their client-centric business model has proven to be successful, especially in the financial services community. A huge thanks to Greg and Marko such a great conversation about how to manage risk!

Listen here! Spencer Fane and Two West Advisors on January 8, 2013.



Thanks Greg! Too bad Marko missed the photo after the show (right)!

We always have a good time during the show (below).

Mike Kilkenny of Taylor Forge

The sneaky, hidden gem for the start of 2013 is Mike Kilkenny of Taylor Forge Engineered Systems. From where? Paola, Kansas! Taylor Ford sell slug catchers, pig trappers and launchers, all designed to out natural gas pipelines. Taylor Forge is one of the few companies in the world that can take care of both the manufacturing as well as the design for the products they produce. Not many companies can do what they do! 250 employees, and it takes 130 employees to make ONE of these! They serve the needs of huge corporations and they are an all around great, company. Good work, Taylor Forge! Listen here! Taylor Forge Engineered Systems is a Hidden Gem on January 8, 2013.