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Long Live Your Money! Hello BOKC!

Rink and Laura welcomed Michael Viazzoli, CEO, and Ashlee Parker, community relations manager, of Bank of Kansas City to the show. Bank of Kansas City (BOKC) also happens to be a sponsor of Live with Rink and Laura. Rink and Michael discussed some of the transitions that have taken place internally for Bank of Kansas City over the last year. Michael was named CEO in September 2012. Bank of Kansas City employs approximately 145 employees and plans to open two additional branches in 2013.

Bank of Kansas City most certainly is a story of success! The expansion, 50 percent loan growth and positive, organic culture are unlike any other business. On the show, Ashlee Parker had the opportunity to tell Rink and Laura about some of the ways BOKC has differentiated itself in the marketplace since, as we know, it is a very over saturated market. Hint: BOKC does good! Listen here! Bank of Kansas City on February 19, 2013.


CEO, Michael Viazzoli (left)




Michael Viazzoli and Ashlee Parker of Bank of Kansas City (right).


Antiques, skiing and vodka . . . oh my!

Did you know that one of the nation’s oldest distilleries is located in Missouri? The town of Weston, Missouri! Weston is known for its antique shops and historic hotels. Weston even has mountains for skiing! Okay, so maybe not mountains, but huge hills, chairlifts, a lodge resort area and plenty of snowmaking machines for skiers and tubers. It’s called Snow Creek. Just a few miles from Snow Creek and  Weston’s historic bed and breakfasts is McCormick Distilling, known for its value-priced, award-winning alcoholic beverages. McCormick has taken drinking responsibly to a whole new level. McCormick’s Vodka 360 is the world’s first eco-friendly vodka, quadruple-distilled and five-times filtered.

All these great things are wrapped up into one historic town! It is the charm of Weston that has kept this gem hidden! Listen here! Weston, Missouri is a Hidden Gem on February 19, 2013. 

You! Hillcrest Transitional Housing should not be kept hidden any longer!

Hillcrest Transitional Housing is a remarkable organization. It is an organization that helps homeless families become self-supportive, self-reliant and good contributors to society. It sponsors a program to help move families from homelessness to self-sufficiency in 90 days. Now that’s a live-changing opportunity! Families in the program live rent-free, utility-free, work full time and attend volunteer-taught classes to learn life skills, budgeting and community living. It all helps people in need get back on their feet.

The program has a 95% success rate for 90-day completion. Hillcrest, please don’t stay hidden for too long! Listen here! Hillcrest Transitional Housing is a Hidden Gem on February 12, 2013. 

Get over the “NO!” Dennis Sweeny Business Consulting will call you!

Have you ever cold-called someone? Are you afraid to do so? Dennis Sweeny of Dennis Sweeny Business Consulting helps any organization work toward growing a client base and moving clients into new markets. He has worked with both start up companies and large organizations.

Part of building a customer base is cold calls! End of story! Once you have established clientele, the cold calls are fewer and far between, but they should still be necessary to build potential clients. Dennis goes through the process that he takes his own clients through. Starts with a cold call and ends with maintaining a new client. Dennis and Ryan actually run through a cold call scenario and work through it and take the call from a cold call to a friendly conversation. Part of that process? Dennis wants to see if he can hear the nonverbal signals on the other end of the line. Interesting, but it makes sense!

Dennis was spot on to say that if you’re committed to being a good salesperson, you understand the dynamics of an organization the dynamics of the people and how they make decisions. You have to know exactly who it is you’re selling to. You might think you have to sell it to one person when really it is the business parter who is the decision maker. Listen here! Dennis Sweeny Business Consulting on February 12, 2013.

This good dad does good!

Rink put a spin on this week’s Hidden Gem. Rather than showcasing a company, as usual, he told a story about a father who is doing a little good. Kevin Perz is doing good for the safety of his kid no less. Now, Rink could have easily focused on Perz’s company, Dynamic Fasteners, but he chose to talk about the personal situation that been made public. Here is a recap of the story that was featured on Diary of a Good Girl.

Kevin Perz is doing everything he can to find information about a road rage incident last month involving his 18-year-old son, Johnny, and a few of his friends. Johnny was driving his friends home when a car of four men wearing hoodies and hockey masks pulled up next to Johnny’s car, started yelling profanities and, as Johnny drove away, the men in the car threw a tire iron at Johnny’s car. While the two vehicles were traveling at 40 miles per hour! Fortunately, the front passenger window was down, so there was no shattered glass in the car, but the tire iron caused damage to the interior. Whew!

“I’m going to give $5,000 to the person who provides information that leads to an arrest and conviction,” Perz said. Perz was most concerned for the safety of his son and friends, and he is doing what any parent would want to do in a similar situation. Protect his child. By offering this reward, Perz is also doing what he can to protect others that might fall victim to similar crimes.

Listen here! Kevin Perz is a Hidden Gem on February 5, 2013.


Lantern is taking over Groupon?! Not really . . . but kind of!

Rink was insistent. “So, you’re taking over Groupon?” To which Aaron Sloup of Lantern Software replied with a no-but-yes type of answer. Aaron and his team have created an application available for an iPhone or Android under a simple search for “Lantern Local” in any app store. The Lantern app pinpoints a user’s individual location in Kansas City and tells the user, based on distance, what deals are going on in the user’s area. Once a user finds a deal that suits the user’s needs, the user can click “reserve” and drive to the location, show the store the phone and retrieve the deal. Simple. There is no pre-purchasing online, no bringing in your paper or proof of purchase. And it is instant!

Young professionals have really latched on to this application because it is so easy and so fast. Laura even downloaded the app while we were live on the air! Aaron even offered a free account to any nonprofit organization that aligned with the Lantern business model. Aaron discusses with Rink and Laura some of the differences between the product at Lantern and the products offered by other daily deal sites. You’ll be amazed! Listen here! Lantern Software on February 5, 2013. 


This is where Rink said, “You’re going to do what?!” (left)



Downloading the Lantern app is so easy that Laura did it while we were on the air! (below)