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Success by doing good: A business has to make money first.

The only way a company can do good for employees, customers, and community is to make money first. It might sound selfish, but it is actually very logical. You can’t help others if you are out of business! Rink and Laura talk about the good things that companies are doing. They even give a few tips about how companies can start small and do a few things to do good. For more information, check out Good. Celebrated.

From the Kansas City Chiefs to Cretcher Heartland, we know how charitable Kansas City really is, and we celebrate the reputation our region has for philanthropy. And in the midst of regulatory influences, governance standards, and market pressure, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a critical need. Shareholders are even starting to ask boards of directors of public companies to keep an eye on CSR brand image. Laura is the perfect person to discuss this topic. Rink learned so much! Listen here! CSR and everything it involves on March 26, 2013. 

“Money is an echo of value. It’s the thunder to value’s lightning.” Bob Burg

Where do we start? Rink and Laura were so excited to welcome Bob Burg, author, speaker, and so much more, back as a guest on the radio show. We like to call him a repeat offender! Bob is best known for his book Endless Referrals followed by The Go Giver, but he also speaks to corporations and associations internationally, including Fortune 500 companies, franchises, and numerous direct sales organizations. Rink and Laura can certainly relate to Bob’s philosophy that “the more you give, the more you sell.”

Live on the radio, Rink and Laura dig into the background and storyline for Bob’s books. It is so interesting to hear the point of view straight from the author. And there is no one better to explain it than Bob! He also explains a helpful scenario of a process that can help everyone, not just sales people. Rink and Laura even discuss, in depth, the laws of compensation. So good. So smart. So interesting. Listen here! Bob Burg on March 12, 2013.

From the BIG city to Kansas City, Treats Unleashed has put a new spin on what it means to be “good” to your pet!

Our pets are good to us. So we should be good to them, too! Treats Unleashed is such a good company! Not to mention a great place that can help us to be good to our pets. Founders and owners, Teresa and Ian, moved from New York City to St. Louis in 2001. While living in New York, they had been accustomed to high-quality, all-natural pet food that they couldn’t find in the big box stores back in the Midwest. Now, right here in Kansas City, we are lucky enough to have a location of our own! Today Treats Unleashed is going strong, with more than 45 employees, seven retail locations and an active wholesale treat business. Wow! Great people, great products, and a great company that also does a lot of good, giving back to local communities. Listen here! Treats Unleashed is a Hidden Gem on March 12, 2013.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ involvement in the community is one for the record books!

We’ve seen the ups and downs and the wins and losses with the beloved Kansas City Chiefs! We have stood behind them through it all! The Chiefs, in turn, have supported our community in more ways than just football. Back in the 1980s, Lamar Hunt started the Chiefs Charity Game to help at-risk youth in the local community. A long-standing tradition for the first pre-season game of the year, the Chiefs Charity Game means that all assets of the game are donated to a charity that fits the underwriting process, built with the help of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. The Chiefs provide an unbelievable fan experience! Seats, flights, the coin toss and all profits generated during that game are given back to the community. The recipient of this year’s game is Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City.

Rink was also fortunate to be invited to the Chiefs’ 101 Awards. He met some really great people and was pretty proud of it.

Thank you, Chiefs, for all you do! Listen here to Rink and Laura celebrate the Chiefs. The Kansas City Chiefs’ community involvement is a Hidden Gem on March 5, 2013.

It’s all in the name . . . Infusion Express!

We love it when things that were once difficult, time consuming and outrageously expensive become efficient, economical and just plain simple. Rink and Laura hosted Don Peterson of Infusion Express to discuss Don’s new company. Infusion Express is an in-and-out clinic designed to provide safe, reliable IV therapy at times that are convenient for you! IV therapy is not the most pleasant thing, but the staff at Infusion Express helps patients relax in a stress-free environment. They even offer iPads loaded with games and apps for adults and children, private rooms, recliners, HD television and movies, eReaders with best sellers, drinks and snacks, and toys and games for children. The list goes on! Additional amenities include yoga, life coaching, nutrition counseling, and even massages offered at discounted rates to Infusion Express patients. 

Infusion Express helps a vast array of patients! From patients needing infusion therapy because of a serious infection where oral antibiotics are ineffective to pain management recipients, Infusion Express even goes as far as offering a rehydration therapy to cure a hangover. Wow! The cost-saving aspect of this service is well worth it! Don has come up with a great service and a great experience. Get excited because Infusion Express is expanding and they could be coming to an area near you! Listen here. Infusion Express on March 5, 2013.