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She fixes sidewalks and parking lots so no one falls down on their asphalt!

Laura, Rink and CherylShe is the Pot Hole Queen! And she is great! Cheryl Obermiller of Obermiller Construction Services has been in business for 20 years. Depending on the season, she’s got somewhere between 15 and 20 employees. Did we mention that she has 8 kids and simultaneously runs a multi-million dollar company?

It hasn’t always been pleasant though! Back in 2010, she had one million dollars stolen from under her nose. That’s right! One million dollars! Needless to say, she has made it her mission not only to continue running her successful business, but also to inform other business owners of some of the precautionary measures they can take to be sure that what happened to Cheryl doesn’t happen to them. The story is unbelievable. Cheryl was able to save her business throughout all the turmoil, but she still lost a million dollars. Her real-life story sounds like it came straight from a book. Of course! She has decided to write her own book of her personal account in order to help other business owners. It’s calledMy Accountant’s Drawers. We love it!

Cheryl Obermiller

We learned three hot tips from Cheryl:
1. Get your own mail
2. Lock up your checks
3. Get online and check your own bank statement

You’ll love this story! Listen here! Obermiller Construction on April 30, 2013. 

Thank you, Heartstrings Community Foundation!

Rink and Laura were asked to kick off a video for the big Heartstrings Community Foundation fundraiser. For their services, the lovely Anne Hull sent them a care package to thank them! It was so nice! Thank you, Anne! Thank you, Heartstrings! Listen here to the radio segment. Heartstrings is a Hidden Gem on April 30, 2013. 


Watch the video here:

Health, wellness, happiness!

Christine, Rink and Laura Rink and Laura had a great time talking with life coach, wellness consultant, lifetime nutritionist . . . we could go on and on. Welcome to the show, Christine Hermes. Christine was a wealth of knowledge and full of such helpful and interesting information to Rink and Laura about physical health, mental health, corporate wellness and more. Christine offers listeners a lots of tips for taking small steps to be able to live life in a healthy way, in and out of the office. Listen here! Christine Hermes on April 23, 2013.  

Innovative marketing at its finest. Way to go, Client Kudos!

John Stevenson is the client success story expert! He is a repeat offender (of the best kind) on Live with Rink and Laura. And we have all come a long way since the last time John was a guest on the show.

John has a great business philosophy! People want help in understanding the situation they’re being sold . . . and all the best angles. That’s what a good salesperson must deliver in order to get a customer to buy into a product or service. John says you should just give that information away. Tell everyone! Yep, give all the secrets away. Those that recognize the importance of what you are selling or pitching will come back to you to buy because they will need help executing the plan. Helping others. Isn’t that what sales is all about anyway?

This terrific company, Client Kudos, was inspired by John’s sales experiences over 20 years. He says there is nothing more fun than writing and talking about happy clients. That is exactly what his company does. Most organizations won’t take (or don’t have) the time to feature the success stories of their company. Client Kudos helps a business draw out those testimonials that can help reach its target markets. John works with organizations of all sizes and creates an engagement that is the best fit for the client. Listen here! Client Kudos on April 16, 2013.

Rink loves Company Kitchen. He loves it a lot!

We know you know who they are. And yes, Treat America was a guest last week. But Rink cannot stop talking about how much he loves Company Kitchen! He even tried to convince Laura to get a Company Kitchen for her company! Company Kitchen can accommodate just about any size organization–but maybe not a company with just 7 team members. Then again, Company Kitchen lets you set your own food requirements and requests for your employees. Company Kitchen takes the idea of employee benefits to a whole new level.

Listen here! Company Kitchen is a Hidden Gem on April 16, 2013. 

Imagine having really good food, right in your office! Thank you, Treat America!

Rink’s new favorite way to eat lunch is Company Kitchen, a division of Treat AmericaCompany Kitchen really is the best description for this neat operation! Treat America CEO John Mitchell, and Treat America president, John Barnes, joined Rink and Laura on the show to discuss their growing business. Treat America is a 22-year-old family business based out of Kansas City. Treat America got its start in office coffee industry, quickly expanding into vending and food service. The corporate philosophy is truly entrepreneurship at its finest. Treat America now is a successful corporate dining company in 15 states. Wow!  And Company Kitchen is Treat America’s latest culinary adventure.

Not only has Treat America implemented almost 200 Company Kitchens, but it has also licensed the concept to others. Now that’s a great business plan! Listen to the show to hear all about it. As a bonus, learn what innovative new service John and John haste named “DNA.” You’ll be amazed. These guys really are great! Rink and Laura love Treat America! Listen here! Treat America on April 9, 2013.

Dad is in the glovebox . . . not really, but he is on the radio!

This one is for you, Emmy Jo! Dad hopes you’re having fun at Creative World. Your school is our Hidden Gem for the week! It is a great place for kids to go, starting before they are in kindergarten and all the way up through fifth grade. You could call it Early Learning at Creative World!  Listen here! Creative World is a Hidden Gem on April 9, 2013. 


Overcoming an obstacle and turning it into a business model is key for success. Just ask Fitness Quest.

We all try living healthy lives, don’t we? Sometimes it isn’t easy! And sometimes things happen in our lives that restrict us from being able to live a healthy life for a short time. At the age of 19, Chip Taggart, owner of Fitness Quest, broke his C5 vertebrae after diving into a shallow pond and hitting his head on the bottom. He used his recovery to fuel his passion for fitness and training. Chip is a gem of a hidden gem! Listen here! Fitness Quest is a Hidden Gem on April 2, 2013. 

Rink and Laura wrap up the first quarter. 2013 is off to a great start!

Friendly banter, reflection on past guests, great corporate statistics, and you’ve got the show on April 2, 2013. Rink and Laura had a great time wrapping up the first quarter and highlighting some of their favorite moments from the shows. Listen here! First Quarter Wrap-up on April 2, 2013.