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We really should invest in childhood education. And Tyler Nottberg is helping people do exactly that!

Rink, Laura, and Tyler NottbergTyler Nottberg has created a system. An amazing system to bring community leaders and businesses together to bring awareness to childhood education and really uplift kids in Kansas and Missouri! One of both Rink and Laura’s favorite things to do is talk about the different roles they play in life, including father, mother, daughter, son, friend, husband, wife, business guy and gal, community leader and so much more. Well, Tyler Nottberg is a dad, husband, friend, Chairman & CEO of US Engineering, and if that weren’t enough, he is the man behind ACE, The Alliance for Childhood Education.

Listen here! The Alliance for Childhood Education on May 28, 2013. 

Don’t underestimate the power of the family pet!

photo (1)She has been with Rink for 15 years, and the Rink family has come to a point where they have to say good-bye to the family dog, Jessie. One of the questions that Rink was faced with was to what extent do you involve young kids when you have to let go of the family pet. A wise man told once told Rink that” no one knows your children better than the parent.” That’s why we knew that whatever Rink decided to do would be the best decision for everyone. It is hard to lose a family pet, but there is a way to turn it into a celebratory gathering of family to honor those members of our family. Listen here! Don’t underestimate the power of the family pet on May 28, 2013. 

“Our exit strategy may or may not be predetermined. But the quality of our life is up to us.”

Dr. Robin with Rink and Laura Rink can’t argue with a doctor who has some serious game! And Dr. Michelle Robin knows her stuff! She is a two-time author, and she’s a guest on the show for the second time. We just love having her tell us what we know we need to hear. For example, did you know that if you have great dental hygiene, it can help prolong your life for an additional 7 years?

Dr. Robin loves using analogies, and she has perfected them. She gives tips for a healthy lifestyle including a few things for Rink to do to help make sure he is helping his little girls eat healthy. Rink says he doesn’t have time, but Dr. Robin helps him realize that his health is worth the extra time.

She covers it all! Eating, drinking, relationships, sleeping and so much more. Not to mention, she can back it up with her books. Listen here! Your Wellness Connection on May 14, 2013.

Hey Dawg! You guys at the New York Dawg Pound are awesome!

Rink at New York Dawg PoundNothing can remain a mystery long for Rink, that’s for sure. It was the amazing smell outside that pulled him in to the New York Dawg Pound. Rink and Laura went to grab a bite to eat before the show. Rink ordered the Boston Terrier. A hot dog consisting of baked beans, cheese, onions, and bacon. And of course the fries! Listen here! New York Dawg Pound is a Hidden Gem on May 14, 2013. 

Meet MEG! She’s so predictable!

Brandon, Cheryl, Rink, and JacksonWelcome to the world,  MEG! No, she isn’t an actual person. But “she” stands for Monthly Engaged Giving, a product of Twelve X Giving. Brandon and Jackson met with Rink and guest host, Cheryl Obermiller, to discuss their product! MEG is a fundraising product that is specialized for small to medium sized nonprofit organizations with a focus for Generations X and Y. The program is customized to each organization to be unique to its needs and align with its brand.

MEG is a way for individuals to regulate their giving without the hassle of wondering where those funds will come from each month. It is also a great resource for the management and boards of nonprofit organizations. They no longer have to stress about trying to drum up donations to meet quotas per quarter. Twelve X Giving has created a solution to those problems to help ease some of the burden. Listen here! Twelve X Giving on May 7, 2013. 

Doing good and having a drink? It can happen!

Boulevard's KC PilsThey are always up to something sneaky and good, all at the same time. And Boulevard Brewing Company has done it again! And we love it! Rink showcases Boulevard as this week’s Hidden Gem because Boulevard has recently rebranded one of its beers. It is now “KC Pils.” Love that! And KC Pils does good. Can you believe it? Boulevard will donate 10% of all KC Pils sales to charities in the Kansas City area. Once every quarter, Boulevard will accept nominations from nonprofits organizations to become a recipient of a portion of the proceeds. After a panel of members selects three charities, the voting will be left up to the consumers in an online voting section of the company’s website. The number one charity will receive 60% of the funds and the other two charities will each receive 20%.

There so many ways to do good and showcase your company, and Boulevard has figured it out! Listen here! Boulevard’s KC Pils is a Hidden Gem on May 7, 2013.