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Front Flipping their way to success!

Beckner brothers with Rink and Laura!Have you ever thought about going into business with a family member? Your brother, nonetheless! Well, Sean and Matt Beckner decided to do just that. And what a success it has been! The Beckner brothers–who are both great with technology–saw a need in the marketplace. What was it? In a nutshell, solving the problem of  an easy way for merchant businesses to acquire new customers. Without the punch card. Consumers don’t really want to keep giving out their personal information, nor do they want 30 different rewards cards to have to carry around in their purse or wallet. Consumers want discounts to be fast, quick, fun . . . with instant gratification. In other words, according to Front Flip, consumers want a virtual scratch card. How about that for mobile loyalty engagement at its finest?

Front Flip is growing fast, every week adding new locations to its client list. Front Flip is a free mobile application and can be downloaded on any smart phone. At participating Front Flip locations, scan the QR code to receive a potential deal instantly! Participating locations are growing! Tanner’s Bar & Grill, Minsky’s Pizza, Smoothie King, Peachwave, Burger King, Wendy’s and so many more! Check them out! Front Flip on June 11, 2013.

Celebrating 50 years of great things. Congratulations, BRR Architecture!

Boyd, Laura, Rink and Rich- BRR ArchitectureThis firm might specialize in grocery store architecture, but its talented people haven’t stopped there. They haven’t been around for 50 years for no reason! Rink and Laura were thrilled to be talking to Rich and Boyd from BRR Architecture, a company that has been in business for 50 years. Founded in Kansas City in 1963, BRR has decided to celebrate those 50 years of service–with service, focusing on its employees and the community by doing good deeds. No doubt they will exceed 50, because giving and doing good are part of the culture. To celebrate 50 years in business, BRR Architecture employees will be supporting and participating in volunteer activities with 50 organizations to give back to the community. How about that? Absolutely there is something very unique about this good company’s culture. Its employees must really feel like a close-knit family. After all, that’s the magic of doing good.

Listen here! BRR Architecture on June 4, 2013.

600 Central Antiques, you guys are awesome!

Jessica and RinkRink has a knack for finding the coolest places out there! While on a trip to the City Market, Rink and Nancy ventured into a funky little shop located at 600 Central. And the shop was called 600 Central Antiques. And it is awesome! Rink and Nancy met Jessica, the owner of 600 Central Antiques. She is doing some amazing things. Jessica, you are so good.

Listen here! 600 Central Antiques is a Hidden Gem on June 4, 2013.